What to do with Your Kids Birthday Money

Think back to when you hit your birthday milestones.  They often came with some cash gift from your grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends. A ten dollar bill felt like a million bucks, and a twenty almost blew your mind.  But ultimately, what you did with that money was up to your parents. Some of our parents allowed us to immediately spend the cash by picking out a cool toy or clothes or some … [Read more...]

It May Be a New Year, But You’re Still the Same You

And we say that with love. If we’re all being honest with ourselves, a new year can mean new goals, new plans and a renewed sense of purpose, but rarely does it mean that your personality does a complete 180. It’s just not human nature. That’s not to say you shouldn’t strive to become the best version of yourself, but the key word there is yourself! And hey, you’re awesome! With that being said, you can still … [Read more...]

6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your CPA This Time Of Year

With 2019 fast approaching, it will soon be time to file your taxes for 2018. There are specific, important questions that you should be asking your CPA in preparing for the 2019 Tax Season. Knowing the right questions to ask will not only help your CPA understand your needs, it will also help you to prepare for your specific tax scenario. Now is the best time to ask these questions, because you still have time … [Read more...]

End of the Year Boost for Your Small Business

At the end of year, most small business owners feel one of two ways: they’ve either accomplished their revenue goals and are comfortably “in the black,” or they’ve missed the mark somewhere during the year and are in or close to being “in the red.” If you have found that you are missing your revenue goals for this year, there’s one major thing to keep in mind--the year isn’t over yet! You have time to get your … [Read more...]

How to Save During The Fall Frenzy

As the summer comes to a close, we will soon be in the fall season.  While those of us who live in South Florida don’t necessarily experience a change in the leaves or a significant drop in temperature, we all know that with the fall comes the chaos of holidays, family obligations, travel and more.   Read on for tips on how NOT to go broke this fall! Shop Smart The fall is a retailer’s dream and so they do … [Read more...]

Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

Many of us have heard it said that most extremely successful people have multiple streams of income.  But what exactly does that mean? To have multiple streams of income basically means that you are generating income from more than one source.   Why is this important?  Because it means that should one income stream dry up or slow down, you still have other sources on which to rely.  Some income streams can look … [Read more...]

Resetting Your Financial Goals This Summer

It’s summertime, which can mean many different things to you depending on a variety of circumstances.  For those who have children, summer means camps and family activities. For those without, it can mean day parties and cruises.  And for just about all of us, it means less traffic on our morning drives. What also comes with the summer months, are expenses and the possibility of blowing our financial goals halfway … [Read more...]

Do I Need An Accountant For My Business?

If you run a business, you are required to file taxes with the IRS and in certain cases, your state's department of revenue. This can seem like a no-brainer, and though you may be able to file your own taxes, track your invoicing, manage your bookkeeping and payroll, and monitor your business’s cash flow...do you really want to?   The larger and more complex your business is, the more difficult it is to keep track … [Read more...]


Throughout our lives, many of us will find ourselves facing debt–whether it’s credit cards we’ve used irresponsibly, car payments we can’t keep up with, a mortgage, or that personal loan from grandma that we promised we’d pay back by a year ago…debt is no fun, and like most unpleasant things we often ignore our debts.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t make them disappear. In fact, the opposite usually happens - the more … [Read more...]

What To Do With That “Extra Money” From Your Tax Refund

Almost 83% of tax returns will result in a refund.  Based on your withholdings and tax bracket, tax season might be your favorite “holiday” after Christmas. You may already have big plans for your refund, but let’s go over a few smart ways you can make this money work for you. Before we get started, repeat after me: “This is not extra money.” Say it two more times for good measure. Considering your refund (or any … [Read more...]