W9s and 1099s…What Does It All Mean?

It’s tax time and if you run a small business (or are a freelancer), chances are you have paid contractors and/or have been a paid contractor.  Now is the time to make sure you have your W9s and 1099s in order! What is a W9 and Why Is It Important? A W-9 is a tax document that serves as a request form for information on the individual receiving payments. W-9s typically request basic information such as a … [Read more...]

Is Now The Best Time To Invest In A Roth Retirement Account?

In December 2017, the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts, the biggest tax overhaul in 30 years, was passed into law (read our previous blog). Whether you’re a fan, critic, left, right, or just indifferent about the new tax laws, our goal is to find ways to make the changes work for you. Starting with the 2018 tax year, we are going to experience what may be the lowest tax rates of our lifetime. That sounds great except … [Read more...]

What The New Tax Laws Mean For You

If you’re like the average American, you find the science of income taxes complex, and in a word--taxing. You may have found yourself in debates about the fairness of taxes, and trying to figure out what the new tax laws mean for you personally. While there has been much back and forth in Washington about how to roll out the new tax laws, one thing is for certain--2018 will be different for all of us. Taxes have … [Read more...]

2nd Annual Desnoyers CPA Donation Contest

  Last year we announced what would be the first of the Annual DesnoyersCPA Donation Contest where we donated $100 to one of your favorite non-profit organizations. This year we are raising the donation amount to $200!! We've been blessed and want to pay it forward by donating to a South Florida based non-profit organization that is directly impacting children ages 0-18. The submission … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irma Relief and Support

Some of us took the warnings seriously and some of us thought ‘eh, it’s all hype, it won’t be a big storm. Regardless of your thoughts before the storm, I think we can all agree Irma left many people across the Caribbean and Florida in devastation. There are entire islands that had to be evacuated, businesses in the Florida Keys that were destroyed, and homes across Florida that have become uninhabitable. In … [Read more...]

Estimated Tax Payment Reminder

The 3rd installment for Estimated Taxes are due on September 15th, 2017. You can conveniently make your payments online at www.IRS.gov/payments. … [Read more...]

Individual Tax Reminder

Individual tax return extensions are due on Monday, October 16th. To ensure a timely filing, please send your documents to our office by Monday, October 2nd.   … [Read more...]

S-Corp Tax Reminder

S-Corp tax returns on extension are due Friday, September 16th. To ensure a timely filing, please send your documents to our office by Tuesday, September 5th. … [Read more...]

Income Driven Repayment Plans for Student Borrowers

In this blog we want to make sure you understand what Income Driven Repayment is and how it affects you while you are currently enrolled in college and after you graduate. In April 2017, specific changes were made to federal student aid initiatives. These changes may affect your loan considerations in the 2017-2018 school year. While there is nothing permanently changed, the student loan protections at risk include … [Read more...]

Desnoyers CPA to speak at FSU Accounting conference and MEGA CPE Conference

In May 2017 Desnoyers CPA will join a league of extraordinary CPA's to present at the Florida State University Accounting Conference in Tallahassee, FL to discuss key trends in the profession. On June 14-17, 2017 Desnoyers CPA will also present at the biggest conference for CPA's in Florida as they present learning tracks covering Accounting & Auditing, Tax, Business Management, Management Services, Ethics, … [Read more...]